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James Arnold Taylor's Talking to Myself The Podcast

Jan 29, 2024

JAT is back for an all new season! Bringing his whole cast of characters with him along with some special guests from his life. This episode he dives back into the show with an update on the last year and where the new year will take us. 

Jun 3, 2022

JAT Talks Kenobi & Vacations

May 11, 2022

JAT Talks Strength & Hope and catches you up on his ComicCon Adventures! Plus Hank messes with the microphones!

Apr 28, 2022

JAT Talks his recent ComicCon trip and the upcoming ones with his Clone Wars Cast Mates Ashley Eckstein and Matt Lanter!

Apr 13, 2022

JAT Talks LEGO!! And the new LEGO Star Wars Game.